COVID-19 Liability

I am aware that there will be times when incidental contact will occur while my child is participating in Cheerleading and Gymnastics. This can include tumbling on the Spring Floors, Tumble Tracks, Rod Strip and using the Trampolines.  Charlotte Allstar Gymnastics & Cheerleading programs are operating in a social and physical distancing environment but even with best efforts and intentions there will be times when the children will breach the prescribed (currently 6’) distancing recommendation. In addition, our teaching and coaching staff will spot (physically assist) when the circumstances require it. Spotting our students and athletes is sometimes necessary in order to teach skills safely, to help athletes perform skills correctly and to prevent injury. I understand and agree that spotting will be part of the learning process at Charlotte Allstars and I agree to permit my child’s instructor and/or coach to physically assist my child when needed. Direct assistance will also be provided in the event of injury as needed.

I hold harmless Charlotte Allstar Gymnastics & Cheerleading in the event my child should contract COVID-19.



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